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Is the Aston Martin rapide AMR a good option?

Posted by Anonymous (not verified) 4 years ago


These vehicles has been in my sights for a bit now and I am curious if this is the best option for me within the spectrum of aston martin models.

A speedy vehicle is what I am looking for and if anybody has any experience with both the rapide and another model... let me know whiched you prefered. 



Posted by matthew.parsons 4 years ago

Hi Jacob,

Thanks for reaching out with a great question. To better serve you, I'd love to set up a test drive of our current lineup (including the Rapide AMR) to see what suits you best. Are you free to visit during the week, or is the weekend more convenient? 

Please reply here to set up an appointment, or call/email me at 818-523-1862 or



Thank You