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Bring your vehicle into Aston Martin San Diego and have it appraised.


Aston Martin San Diego is offering a limited-time complimentary appraisal of your vehicle, regardless of the make or model. While our experts analyze your vehicle, we invite you to test drive any new model in our new or pre-owned collections. Your visit will conclude with a thorough appraisal report of your current vehicle along with a complimentary gift bag for choosing Aston Martin San Diego.
Appraisal Requirements
There are a few things that you will need in order to trade your car in.

Looking for A Car Appraisal near San Diego, CA?

Aston Martins appraisal process is quick and efficient.

When you're ready to sell, feel free to stop by our showroom located at 7820 Balboa Avenue in San Diego, CA.

Our Process:

  • Appraisals - We provide you with a fast & free appraisal.
  • Safe & Certified - Our highly trained appraisers will provide you with excellent customer service & a competitive offer.
  • Payment - After the car has been reviewed, and offer presented, you'll be able to leave the dealership with a check in hand. 

Car Title

Your car's title or payoff information. All titleholders should be present.


Valid and current vehicle registration. This is to confirm ownership.

Valid ID

Valid state-issued photo ID for all titleholders.


All keys and remotes (if originals are missing, your offer may need to be adjusted).

Bring Your Car In Today

Aston Martin San Diego serves the entire Southern California region. We'll accommodate you well as you come in for your vehicle's appraisal and will present you with a check for your vehicle. Selling your car through Aston Martin San Diego is much safer & easier then a private party.
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